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2017.12.04-SHEN Ching-Kai-The Mimesis of Taiwanese Identity
2017.11.20-HUANG Hou-ming-Games, Forgetfulness, and mobility
2017.10.02-PAN Cheng-Yu-Internet and Virtuality
2017.05.15-Chien-Hung Huang-How to Produce Asia?
2017.04.10-Shu-Ya Lai-Toward a Theatric Production of Social Reform
2017.03.13-Yu-Ling Ku-Undoing the Boundary of What You Know
2016.10.17-Fabian Heubel-Revolution and Transformation in Contemporary Mountain-Water-Painting
2016.09.26-Song-Yong Sing-Moving Image Art in Political Form
2016.05.09-Yi-Fan Pan-Taiwanese Literature and Fiction
2016.04.13-Chuang, Chien-Hui-From Kang You-wei To Qi Gong ─ Flipped learning of calligraphy
2015.10.19-Suming, Soun-Perspective
2015.11.09-Close but unapproachable: Nietzsche and Benjamin on repeating an unrepeatable
2016.03.09-Lai, Xi-Zhong-Traditional Music of Taiwan
2015.07.06│Prof. Zhu Gang: Speech and Phenomenology
2015.05.04-Historicity and Ontology in Foucault-Adam Takacs
2015-Graduating students
2015.06.08-The Available Self and the Dialogical Condition of Culture-Gerald Cipriani
2015.04.13-Let’s Make a Revolution Dressed Beautifully
2015.03.30-Who Determines You to Watch What Films
2015.03.06-How Can Music Be a Social Movement: The Creation in the Social Movement