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Chung-Chi Yu

Office phone number: 07-5252000#3225

E-mail: ccyuster@gmail.com

Job Title: Professor

Education: Doctor of Philosophy, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Specialty: The social and cultural theory in phenomenology, Philosophy of religion, Ethics

Course: Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Existentialism and the Problematic of Ethnicity, Husserl: Phenomenological Psychology, Phenomenology and Life-World




Curriculum Vitae of YU Chung-Chi

Surname: YU

Personal Name: Chung-Chi

Birth: June 17.1961.

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Academic Learning Degrees


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Ruhr-Universität Bochum1996


Master Degree in Philosophy, National Taiwan University1988


Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, National Taiwan University1983

Academic Positions


Professor of Philosophy in National Sun Yat-sen University(Taiwan) 2008-


Professor of Philosophy in Soochow University(Taiwan) 2007-2008


Associate Professor of Philosophy in Soochow University(Taiwan) 2002-2007


Associate Professor of General Education in Tamkang University (Taiwan) 1996-2002

Academic Services and Functions


Dean of College of Liberal Arts since August, 2015


The Director of Institute of Philosophy in National Sun Yat-sen University(Taiwan) 2009-2016


Organizer of the fourth International Conference for East Asian Circle

Dec. 9-13, 2010


Member of the Executive Committee for Taiwan Philosophical Association2008-2012


Member of the Executive Committee for Organization of Phenomenological Organizations 2005-


Member of Editorial Board for Journal Human Studies2010-


Member of Editorial Board for Journal Schutzian Research2008-


Member of Evaluation Delegations for Philosophical Institutions in Taiwan2007-


Editor-in-Chief for Journal Phenomenology and Human Sciences2018-


Editor of Pheno 2005 Vol. I: Selected Essays from Asia and Pacific (Zeta Books)


Editor of Pheno 2010 Vol. I: Selected Essays from Asia and Pacific (Zeta Books)

Academic Awards


Research Subsidy from the National Science Council since 2000

Publication I: Books

  1. 201910月,Life-world and Cultural Difference, Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann. (Monograph)
  2. 20191月,《胡塞爾與世間意識》,上海:上海人民出版社(復旦大學日月光華哲學講座叢書)(Husserl and Mundane Consciousness, 2009, in Chinese)
  3. 200912月,《哲學,要怎麼說》,國立中山大學西灣文庫

(Phiolsophy, What is it all About? 2009, in Chinese)

  1. 20073月,《社會世界與文化差異:現象學的考察》,台北:國立編譯館/漫遊者出版社,(200710月二刷)

(Social World and Cultural Difference: Phenomenological Investigations, 2007, in Chinese)

  1. 20068月,《信不信由你:從哲學看宗教》,台北:三民書局

(Believe it or not: Religion in light of Philosophy, 2006, in Chinese)

Publications II: Articles in Books

  1. 201912月,〈文化革新:以發生現象學作為討論線索〉,《近代東西思想交流中的詮釋探問》(黃冠閔、梁奮程編),台北:中央研究院文哲所,頁159-188
  2. 20167月,Phenomenological Psychology, Experiential World and the Foundation of Socio-cultural Sciences, in Kontexte des Leiblichen,

Cathrin Nielsen, Karel Novotný, Thomas Nenon (eds.), Verlag Bautz. pp. 429–442. (ISBN: 978-3-95948-139-7)

  1. 20162月,〈唐吉柯德的想像世界與虛擬實境〉(與田莉安合著),《電子商務與網路社會2016》,梁定澎主編,高雄:國立中山大學電子商務中心出版,頁290-303
  2. 201412月,〈人的態度與人文世界:從胡塞爾閱讀唐君毅〉,《跨文化哲學中的當代儒學:政治哲學》(黃冠閔編),台北:中央研究院文哲所,頁171-207
  3. 20146月,〈虛擬實在的機會與挑戰:海姆的觀點〉,《網路傳媒與文化;意象、圖像與虛擬影像》(游淙祺編),台北:華泰文化。頁137-148
  4. 20141月,Mutual Tuning-in Relationships and Phenomenological Psychology, in Interrelation of Phenomenology, Social Sciences and the Arts M. Barber and J. Dreher (eds.), Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014. pp. 229–242.
  5. 201312月,〈中華文化與現代性:從歐洲理念與理性的關係說起〉,《中華現代性的探索》,沈清松主編,台北:政大出版社,頁317-350
  6. 201312月,〈數位虛擬影像的文化衝擊〉,《電子商務新境界》,梁定澎主編,高雄:國立中山大學電子商務中心出版,頁250-259
  7. 201312月,Husserl on the Difference between Europe and Non-Europe, in

Border-Crossing: Phenomenology, Interculturality and Interdisciplinarity, ed. by Kwok-ying LAU, Chung-Chi YU, Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann. pp. 75–86.

  1. 201012月,〈多重認同從希克的宗教多元論談起〉,《跨文化視野下的東亞宗教傳統:多元對話篇》,台北:中央研究院文哲所,頁145-177
  2. 201011月,Appresentation and Cultural Difference, in Identity and Alterity: Phenomenology and Cultural Traditions, ed. by Kwok-ying LAU, Chan-Fai CHEUNG, and Tze-Wan KWAN, Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann. pp. 113–124.
  3. 201010月, Objective Meaning and Subjective Meaning: A Clarification of Schutz’s Point of View, in Advancing Phenomenology: Essays in Honor of Lester Embree, ed. by Thomas Nenon and Philip Blosser, Springer: Contributions to Phenomenology, Vol. 62. pp. 413-430.
  4. 200912月,《哲學,要怎麼說》,國立中山大學西灣文庫。
  5. 20091月,Schutz and Sartre on Situation, in Schutz and his Intellectual Partners, ed. by Hisashi Nasu et al., UKV Verlaggesellschaft mbH,

pp. 255-269.

  1. 2007. ‘From Phenomenology in East Asia to East Asian Phenomenology: Introduction to Phenomenology 2005, Vol. I: Selected Essays from Asia,’ in Phenomenology 2005, Vol. I: Selected Essays from Asia, (ed. by Cheung Chan-Fai & Yu Chung-Chi), Zeta Books. pp.13-30.
  2. 2007. ‘On Schutz’s Way of Doing Phenomenology: The Phenomenological Psychology as a Clue,’ in Phenomenology 2005, Vol. I: Selected Essays from Asia, (ed. by Cheung Chan-Fai & Yu Chung-Chi), Zeta Books. Pp.757-766.
  3. 2007.《社會世界與文化差異:現象學的考察》,台北:國立編譯館/漫遊者出版社,20073月(200710月二刷)。
  4. 2006.《信不信由你:從哲學看宗教》,台北:三民書局,20068月。
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  6. 2004. ‘Lifeworld, Cultural Difference and the Idea of Grounding,’ in Space, Time and Culture (ed. by David Carr and Cheung Chan-fai), Heidelberg:

Springer, pp.177-187. (NSC89-2411-H-032-014)

    14. 2001. ‘Von der Sozialwelt zur Lebenswelt: über die Bedeutung des Kulturbegriffs bei Alfred Schütz’, in: Die Macht der Differenzen (Hrsg.    Reinhard Düssel, Geert Edel, Ulrich Schödlbauer), Heidelberg: Synchron, pp.249-274.

15. 1999. ‘Schutz on Lifeworld and Cultural Difference,’ in: Schutzian Social Science (ed. by Lester Embree), Kluwer Academic Publishers (Netherlands), pp.159-172.

Publications III: Articles in Journals

  1. 201910月,〈「世界之子」的雙重面貌:脫離又不脫離自然態度的現象學心理學還原〉《意象》,第5期,頁27-38
  2. 20198月,〈胡塞爾思想發展脈絡中的心理學與現象學:從對立到調和〉,《哲學分析》,2019年第10卷第4期(總56期),頁52-73
  3. 20198月,Phenomenological Exploration of Cultural Difference, in Cultural and Religious Studies, Vol.7, Nr. 8, August 2019, pp.401-405.
  4. 20186月,The Duplicate Faces of Weltkind: On the Relationship between Phenomenological-psychological Reduction and Natural Attitude, in Escritos de filosofía, Segunda serie (enero-dic., 2016), No 4: 78-88.
  5. 20183月,Husserl and Schutz on Cultural Objects, in monographic Volume 7 of INVESTIGACIONES FENOMENOLOGICAS, pp.523-540.
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  8. 〈哲學家與世界:從胡塞爾到梅洛龐蒂〉《現象學與人文科學,第6輯專號:梅洛龐蒂──從現象學到人文科學。(未正式出版;具被接受刊登證明)(NSC-96-2411-H-031-006)
  9. 201412月,〈胡塞爾論普世性與文化革新〉,《哲學與文化》,第41卷第11期,頁39-56AHCI
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  12. 201212,許樹珍、林湫雯、洪毓婷、游淙祺,精神病患家庭關照時間流之現象探討護理雜誌596期,頁36-44
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Publications IV: Review

  1. 200712月,〈《人的形象和神的形象》導讀〉國立編譯館館刊第三十五卷第四期,頁111-114

(Introduction to The Image of Man and God, in Chinese)

  1. 20063月,〈揭顯「秘密中的秘密」:透過莫倫的《現象學導論》走向現象學〉,國立編譯館館刊,第三十四卷第一期,頁97-104

(Disclosing the Secret of the Secrets: The Way to Phenomenology through Moran’s Introduction to Phenomenology, in Chinese)

Publications V: Translation

  1. 201710,《現象學的心理學》,北京:商務印書館。
  2. 20129,《社會世界的意義構成》,北京:商務印書館。
  3. 2004,〈介乎突現與回應之間的現象學〉(Bernhard Waldenfels原著),現象學與人文科學學報(香港中文大學現象學與人文科學研究中心),第一期,頁225-243(‘Phenomenology between Pathos and Response’ by Bernhard Waldenfels)





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