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Established in 2002, the Institute of Philosophy is the sole academic institution in Southern Taiwan to promote understanding and investigation of contemporary European Philosophy. Defining philosophy as a fundamental methodology for the whole of socio-human sciences — including the theories of literature and art — we pursue to educate students to be acquainted with philosophical problems as well as interdisciplinary issues.

After years of far-sighted planning and efforts of faculty members and students, the Institute has, little by little, established a solid ground for academic research. Apart from teaching and research in philosophy, we are actively involved in dialogues with disciplines beyond philosophy, at home as well as abroad. Thus we manage to enhance the academic position of the Institute continually.


Trend and Focus

  1. German and French Philosophies
    Based on research in the field of contemporary European philosophy, the Institute is committed to endowing students with a deepened understanding of contemporary German and French philosophies
  2. Interdisciplinary and cultural philosophy
    We attempt to explore multiple possibilities in the field of academic philosophy as well as its various contemporary transformations. With the spirit of philosophical openness, we dedicate ourselves not only to dialogues between philosophy and other  disciplines, but also intercultural issues.



Inheriting the depth and breadth of traditional philosophy, the contemporary philosophizing is much involved in reflecting cultural as well as interdisciplinary problems in various fronts. Hence, besides promoting the exploration of contemporary European Philosophy, we strive to enhance our students’ ability of critical thinking in relation to cultural, intercultural as well as interdisciplinary issues.


Credit Units and Curriculum

M.A. students are required to take 30 credit units. The M.A. diploma will be issued after they pass the proposal and oral defenses. We highly encourage students to take courses in other disciplines, from which 6 credit units will be waived.

1)      Required courses: “Contemporary Continental Philosophy (students who were not major in Philosophy in undergraduate are required to take two extra-courses; that is, “History of Western Philosophy” and “Introduction to Philosophical Problems”)

2)      Bound courses: two kinds of curriculum, “Contemporary Continental Philosophy” and “Interdisciplinary/Cultural Philosophy”



Persons with a B.A. degree or a degree equivalent to B. A. from national or private universities or colleges, in Taiwan or abroad, or any educational institutes acknowledged by the Ministry of Education.