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2022.12.05|The 8th Khangser Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa: Training the mind, Healing the body, Enjoy Happy life

Religion, Life and Healing Philosophy(III)


SPEAKER:   The 8th Khangser Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa

TOPIC:   Training the mind, Healing the body, Enjoy Happy life


TIME:   15:30- 17:30, Monday, 5 Dec, 2022

VENUE:   0052R, College of Management, NSYSU


This talk will focus on the fundamental practices to build essential habits for the strength and wisdom of tackling various problems we are facing in life and to lead a happy career, and a happy life.
The practices are based on the ancient wisdom and practices as well as my experiences of mind training courses for thousands of youngsters from East to West, with encouraging feedback.



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