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2022.11.21|Tsung-Tueng Bhikkhuni: Spiritual care for terminal patients

Religion, Life and Healing Philosophy (II)


SPEAKER: Tsung-Tueng Bhikkhuni

TOPIC: Spiritual care for terminal patients


TIME:  15:30-17:30, Monday, 21 Nov, 2022

VENUE: LA 2009, National Sun Yat-sen University


What to expect during the dying process? Is there anything to be done during the dying process as well?

Facing illness and death, is there any alternative to active treatments and various ways of begging the doctors to just “let me die?” Is it possible to envision a more humane way of understanding dying, thereby minimalizing one’s regrets and even maximizing one’s personal growth?

This lecture invites anyone who cares about this issue. We will explore a variety of possibilities of hospice/palliative care and spiritual matters.

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